Library temporary e-card application

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While we are temporarily closed, Hennepin County residents and property owners can apply online to get a temporary e-card. If you already have a library card registered with Hennepin County Library, you can continue to use it and do not need to apply for a temporary e-card.

Temporary e-cards:

  • Provide full access to the library‚Äôs online resources, including eBooks and other downloads
  • Do not allow you to place holds or check out physical materials
  • Will expire 30 days after Hennepin County libraries reopen

After libraries reopen, you can reapply for a regular library card with full borrowing privileges. If you do this before your temporary e-card expires, any holds you have on digital materials will transfer to your new account.

Due to vendor contracts, only Hennepin County residents or property owners are eligible for temporary e-cards.

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